The Physician Advocacy Network, a project of the Twin Cities Medical Society, is committed to educating physicians about e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, engaging physicians in local-level tobacco policy decisions, and empowering physicians to become leaders in reducing tobacco use in Minnesota. 



Thursday January 11 • 5:00- 7:00pm  • The Campus Club on Coffman's 4th Floor

Learn about the new tobacco market with our copyrighted Physician Toolkit. This toolkit is filled with resources for physicians to engage in healthy conversations with patients and the public about the medical and scientific facts about e-cigarettes. 


Menthol makes it easier to start smoking, increases nicotine dependence and makes it harder to quit. Learn how tobacco companies use menthol cigarettes to target youth and marginalized communities, and what you can do to regulate menthol tobacco in your community.

Learn the latest tobacco trends and patient talking point recommendations regarding new tobacco products and tobacco cessation with our free, on-demand webinar series.