Policy Priorities

Every year in Minnesota tobacco use is responsible for 6,300 deaths and $3 billion in preventable health care costs. The Physician Advocacy Network is committed to supporting policies that reduce the harm of tobacco in Minnesota communities. Since 2017, the Physician Advocacy Network helped pass 12 local level tobacco prevention policies in Minnesota. Learn more about our policy priorities below. 


Tobacco 21

The tobacco industry knows that the key to finding replacement smokers is to hook them young. Raising the tobacco sales age to 21 across Minnesota would prevent 30,000 young people from beginning to smoke in the next 15 years- that's as big as the undergraduate class at the University of Minnesota! The Physician Advocacy Network advocates for Tobacco 21 policies in local communities and at the state level.


Menthol Tobacco

Menthol-flavored tobacco products are one of the tobacco industry's most important products, but most people have no idea how and why menthol became the industry's secret weapon for getting kids hooked and keeping tobacco the #1 cause of preventable cause of death and disease in Minnesota. The Physician Advocacy Network advocates for policies that restrict youth access to menthol tobacco. 

Other Policy Priorities

The Physician Advocacy Network supports a number of other policies, including: 

  • Restricting flavored tobacco products to adult-only tobacco stores

  • Funding tobacco control programs, including a statewide quit line

  • Including e-cigarettes in Clean Indoor Air policies

  • Keeping the price of tobacco products high through minimum prices and taxes