Enhanced QUITPLAN® Helpline Services for People with Mental Illnesses and/or Substance Use Disorders

QUITPLAN Services recognizes that individuals with a history of mental illness and/or substance use disorders smoke at higher rates than the general population, smoke more cigarettes per day, and may be at greater risk of negative health effects as a result. To address these concerns, QUITPLAN Services offers a new treatment approach for participants who report one or more mental health conditions. With this new service offering, we hope to help QUITPLAN Helpline participants successfully quit and experience improved health outcomes. 

Enhanced Services
The enhanced services offer: 

  • 7 coaching calls to provide additional support during all phases of quitting. 
  • 12-week regimen of combination Nicotine Replacement Therapy (for age 18 and over) 
  • Communication with the participant’s health care provider with tips for the provider to help support the participant in quitting.
  • A team of specially trained coaches. 

The QUITPLAN Helpline (telephone counseling) is available to uninsured and underinsured Minnesotans. All Minnesotans have access to telephone counseling through their health plan or QUITPLAN Services. 

For more information, contact Randi Lachter, Senior Cessation Manager, ClearWay Minnesota at rlachter@gmail.com.  You can also find helpful information about tobacco cessation health coverage in Minnesota from the American Lung Association's fact sheet